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The Certainty of Age

January 28, 2013
Youth shows but half; trust God: see all, nor be afraid!” — Rabbi Ben Ezra by Robert Browning

There are four stages in life. The first is when we know nothing. The second is when we know everything. The third is when we doubt everything we know. The fourth is when we are sure about what we know and no longer care about what we don’t.

Of course, that applies to life in general, not to things I don’t know like certain technologies or the latest slang. I care about technology and I care about language. What I know longer care about is trying to look 40 and act 35. This blog is about what happens to a woman who accepts that there are more days behind her than there are in front of her.   I am that woman.

I am nearly 52. What I know about life, I am sure of. What I don’t know, eh. Writing is my truth serum. If it passes through my lips, it might be the truth or it might be a  falsehood.  I cannot write a lie.  I am a sistah, a black woman, of a certain age and I will tell you what that is like for me. I will tell you what other women of a certain age are discovering about themselves.


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  1. Your writing is very powerful. I love the assertion that you might be lying with your lips but not with your pen (or keyboard in this instance); it really emphasizes how personal writing is for you.

    One sentence that doesn’t seem to fit with the rest for me is the last one; “I will tell you what other women of a certain age are discovering about themselves”. I think the great thing about this post is that there is a distinctive voice which reflects who you are as an individual and sets you apart from the rest of the women ‘of a certain age’. Everyone has different experiences, concentrate on the ones that have shaped you instead of generalizing for everyone else.

  2. Hey Sistah,

    I enjoyed reading your most recent post, as asocialjane mentioned, your writing is very powerful and it drew me in. However, I think when you say, “I will tell you what other women of a certain age are discovering about themselves”, I don’t think you are generalizing, or stating we all have the same experiences. You are saying with your experiences, observations and understanding you can perhaps foresee a path or journey someone may travel down.


  3. I agree. Your writing is powerful and compelling. it is the voice of an assured individual who is still asking, searching and curious about teh world. I really enjoy your post. They are adult. Sharp. Witty yet not overlong or boring.

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